Social Competence Programs

Social Scenes are evidence-based, improvisation-focused social competence groups for youth ages 9-22 with social emotional challenges. Our groups follow a unique semi-structured schedule, which focuses on utilizing improvisation games to teach and reinforce a variety of social pragmatic skills. These games also assist in building relationships between participants and staff members, which in turn help to facilitate peer-to-peer relationship building. In addition, we include participants’ special interests and a highly structured video game component, both of which function as age-appropriate motivators and teaching tools for group members. Contact Carrie Breaux at 978-624-2331 to learn more.

For general Transition Services inquiries, contact Judy Bouffard at 978-624-2321. For inquiries about Adult Autism Services (including “Autism-only Eligibility”), contact Phyllis Kizner at 978-624-3747.