Northeast Arc (NeArc) changes lives for people with disabilities — and children at risk of developing them — and their families. We offer a comprehensive benefits package and look forward to welcoming new members to our team. Click for a full list of job opportunities.

Featured career opportunity: Autism ABA Services

A leader in autism services, we recently celebrated the 25th anniversary of our Autism Support Center, and our Specialty Services Program (for children under age 3) has been active and growing for more than 20 years. Our Autism ABA program was started with the passage of the autism insurance law (ARICA) in 2011. NeArc’s programs provide high quality service and guidance to individuals with disabilities and their families. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with developmental differences by supporting them to be full participants in the community. Individuals and families have access to an array of services including but not limited to ABA services, educational advocacy, the Autism Support Center, parent trainings and support groups, social skills programs, recreation and leisure activities, housing support, work support, PCM services and transition.

Our ABA services offer a continuum of care that beings in our Early Intervention program, transitions to our Autism ABA Services at age 3, and continues through childhood, adolescence and adulthood. We provide direct services following the scientifically validated principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, supervised by licensed BCBAs. We also offer consultation services to the family, school, and related professions.

As a BCBA at the Northeast Arc, you have the opportunity to work with young children, teens, young adults, adults and families in a variety of community settings including childcare centers, the family home, work locations and community outings and activities. You also benefit from knowing there are internal resources for you as a professional and for those to whom you provide services. We offer career opportunities designed to meet the needs of those just beginning in the field, to those in pre- and post-doctoral programs, in addition to those in senior-level staff achieving continued credentials and licensing.

As a member of the Northeast Arc Autism ABA team, you’ll have access to:
— A highly collaborative environment and the opportunity to work with teams of BCBAs
— Generous compensation and great benefits package
— Monthly BCBA clinical round table meetings and ongoing clinical oversight from a Regional BCBA Lead and Clinical Director/Coordinator
— On-call access to senior staff for high-risk cases
— Senior-level clinical support and supervision from a doctoral-level BCBA
— Clinical oversight and mentoring from Team Lead BCBAs
— Diverse clinical experiences across age ranges and populations, and at our outstanding day and residential adult programs
— Fully paid in-house training
— Ongoing professional development and continuing education tailored to areas of interest
— Supervision hours to meet advanced academic requirements
— Opportunities for growth within the agency
— Tuition assistance
— A library of various behavior, adaptive and home assessments, social skills curriculum, visuals and tools (including Boardmaker Online to be used anywhere)
— Opportunities for online trainings and convenient remote training access
— New data management and web-based system for communication, data monitoring, contact notes and electronic health record
— Support and resources from the vast array of Northeast Arc services to share with individuals and families
— A certified BACB ACE provider for CEU trainings (–coming soon!)
— Our BCBAs have autonomy over their own caseloads and scheduling

See the list of available BCBA positions!

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