Intensive Medical Supports

Northeast Arc is a leader in supporting people with intensive medical needs. The Burlington House was one our first homes developed to provide people with the medical and clinical supports needed to lead a full and happy life.

Supports include:

• Nursing case management
• Highly trained staff
• Northeast Clinical Nursing
• Best practices in respiratory and tracheotomy care
• Comprehensive nursing policies, procedures and systems

The Burlington House was there for Brian when no other agency could support all of his medical needs while helping reach his personal goals.

Any visitor to Brian’s home will know in an instant the joys in life he’s experiencing. His bedroom walls are covered with tickets stubs from concerts, sporting events and Individual Achievement Awards he has earned. One concert that was particularly special to Brian was the 1980s band, The Bangles, who invited him backstage to meet the group.

If you ask Brian what he wants you to know about him, it is that he is the Fire Safety Officer at his home and that he has starred in his own fire safety training video.

As a result of the systems and supports Northeast Arc provides Brian, his medical challenges are no longer barriers to living a full and happy life.

Please contact Chloe Browning at 978-624-2464.

OFFICE LOCATION: 64 Holten Street, Danvers, MA 01923