Building Blocks Intensive Early Intervention (0-3 years)

For children with autism from birth to 3 years old.

See our brochure.

  • An approach consistent with the Early Start Denver Model
  • Integrates behavioral and relational approaches (e.g., Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)), the Denver Model, PRT (Pivotal Response Training) within a developmental framework
  • Intensive (up to 30 hours per week), evidence-based interventions provided to children in their natural environment (home, childcare or community)
  • Collaborations with Early Intervention programs to supplement the child’s existing program
  • Family training and participation
  • Goal development based on the most recent research regarding social and language development
  • Curriculum based in carefully crafted, fun, interactive play sessions


Children who have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum and are currently enrolled in an Early Intervention program within our service area of Central Middlesex County, Greater Boston, the Lowell area, Merrimac Valley, Metro North, the North Shore, South of Boston and Worcester.

Contact Kristy Murphy at 978-624-2320 for more information.

OFFICE LOCATION: 6 Southside Road, Danvers, MA 01923

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