Winner of “Best Solo Drama” (FRIGID Festival 2018), Artemisia’s Intent delivers a captivating physical performance to unearth the life, work and words of 17th century painter Artemisia Gentileschi. Inspired by every proclamation of “Me, too,” The Anthropologists craft a startling portrait of a woman caught at the intersection of power, assault, and art.

Advisories: 21+, adult content, sexual assault

Running time: 60 minutes, no intermission. The show begins at 8; doors open at 7:30 PM.

“As Artemisia, [Mariah Freda] exudes a charismatic sense of fun and independence.” (Culture Catch)

Artemisia’s Intent is a solid, timely piece” (Theatre is Easy)

“A strong performance by Mariah Freda, an excellent script and directing effort by Melissa Moschitto” (Hi! Drama)

About The Anthropologists:
New York City based The Anthropologists is dedicated to the collaborative creation of investigative theatre that inspires action. Celebrating their 11th year, their work has been described as “eerie and weird in the best way” (Culturebot) and “incisive, even necessary work for the present moment” (Culture Catch). Learn more on their website