Guest article from Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Inc., the preferred special needs planning partner of Northeast Arc

Family is the heart of everyone’s life. Sometimes members of our family need some services to help them live their “best” life. PLAN (Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, Inc.) works with a collaboration of partners to assist people in reaching all their goals. PLAN’s amazing partners at Northeast Arc help people with disabilities become full participants in the community; choosing for themselves how to live, learn, work, socialize and play.

Another way PLAN can offer family support is through a Special Needs Trust. PLAN is largely focused on making sure that your loved one has the best quality of life. The beneficiary will be assigned a licensed social worker for the life of the trust. These individuals have extensive experience in providing superior levels of care and will work with beneficiaries to address day-to-day and long-term needs.

When you establish a Special Needs Trust with PLAN, PLAN assumes the role of Trustee. The primary role of a Trustee is the responsibility of disbursing funds, managing the trust’s operation, and ensuring that all relevant federal and state regulations are followed. Did you know that PLAN has 51 Years of experience in trust administration? Did you also know that there is no minimum amount to open a PLAN Special Needs Trust? By creating a Special Needs Trust with PLAN, you can relieve family members from having to make significant decisions for a beneficiary which can strain family relationships and potentially have a negative impact on benefits.

A PLAN Special Needs Trust is not considered income. Our Mission is to Preserve Assets, Protect Access to Benefits and to help with the Quality of Life. A PLAN Trust is a Trust with a heart! You can rest knowing that PLAN is YOUR PLAN!

Interested in learning more about PLAN? Click here to set up a free 30-minute consultation with one of PLAN’s team members.

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