The Northeast Arc Autism Support Center has given the gift of communication to 10 non-verbal children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities at Witchcraft Heights Elementary School in Salem.

Northeast Arc donated 10 iPads through its Touch to Talk Goes to School program.

“We all know that communication is an essential component of every child’s life, the key to their well-being. For some children, however, typical modes of communication are nearly impossible,” said Gloria Ricardi Castillo, director of Family Support Centers at Northeast Arc and founder of Touch to Talk. “Through the use of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and other assistive technologies (AT), children can learn new ways to express themselves and achieve their potential at school, at home and in the community.”

Northeast Arc partnered with Sue Carmona, interim principal at Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, and Dianne Caldwell, speech language pathologist, to implement the Touch to Talk Goes to School Program.

“We are so appreciative for the generous donation of 10 iPads from the Northeast Arc,” said Carmona and Caldwell. “Our students now have the opportunity to communicate and interact with teachers and classmates. This is an invaluable donation and our students and families thank the donors for their generosity in giving the gift of communication to our students.”

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