The Arc Tank Application

The Arc Tank
The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum

Columbia Point, Boston
Wednesday, November 15, 2017
2:00-5:00 pm


To apply for The Arc Tank, please submit a written document (12 point font, single spaced) with the following information by September 29th:

1. Name of innovative idea

2. Leader: name, affiliation (if one), address, telephone number and email address

3. Key collaborators (if any), including name, affiliation and email addresses

4. Brief introductory statement of concept/idea not to exceed 100 words. State need and overall goal of project.

5. Description of why the idea is creative and/or positively disruptive. What is unique about this idea? Approximately how many people will it reach? Who will it reach? (Not to exceed 200 words.)

6. Description of implementation phase; how will the plan be accomplished. Include estimated timeframes and measurable goals. Identify decision points and how that will affect the plan moving forward, changes that are needed or ending of the plan. Implementation plan should not exceed one page.

7. Describe budget required for startup/implementation and whether this is a one-time expense or ongoing. If an ongoing expense, how will the idea/concept be sustainable post-funding? Include potential ongoing funding sources. Budget and explanation not to exceed one page.

8. Written documents must be in 12 point font, single spaced.

9. Videos and pictures may be submitted as exhibits and up to three exhibits will be accepted.

Submit the application or questions to us via email to