Employment Supports

***The information on this page pertains to our employment services for the individuals we serve. If you are interested in a career with Northeast Arc, please see our list of available positions.***

Northeast Arc provides employment training, education and supported employment opportunities through Heritage Industries. Employment supports are designed to ensure that all people are able to achieve personal employment goals. Each person’s day is individually defined to maximize his or her opportunities to learn.

Supported Group Employment is available for people want to work within the community but require support from Northeast Arc staff to be successful. Several opportunities are available at Heritage Industries for people to work at a community employer in a small group setting with familiar supports.

Community Employment is supported by the staff at Heritage. Job Developers work with participants to identify potential career paths and assist the individual throughout the application and interview process. Job Coaches provide hands-on training and support as soon as the job starts, and then fade their support based upon the needs of both the employee and the employer. The Coaches provide additional supports as requested whenever a job function changes or more tasks are added.

Transitional Services are available to people preparing for graduation from their schools. Vocational Assessments are utilized to assist students and schools in determining skill proficiency and needs.  Students may also work, through their school contracts, in any of the program opportunities available at Heritage Industries.

Specialized Supports are available for people requiring additional staff supports and resources to ensure success. Specialized staffing supports are also available for people who may be deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Heritage Industries has developed several small businesses that people may apply to work at. These businesses include:

Heritage Caning CompanyFor more than forty years, Heritage Caning Company has provided chair-weaving services to the general public, antique dealers and commercial businesses all over New England. The staff and workers are experts in all types of weaving, including hand cane, pressed cane, fiber rush, porch weave, and binder cane. Individuals interested in caning are offered paid internships at Heritage Caning as a work exploration option, giving them an opportunity to learn a variety of caning skills and potentially move on to permanent employment with Heritage.

Heritage Caning is located in the ArcWorks Community Art Center at 22 Foster Street, Peabody, MA 01960. Call 978-531-5094 for more information.

Heritage Shredding is a fast-growing business that provides document destruction services to local businesses. It is located at 27 Garden Street, Unit 4, Danvers, MA 01923. Contact Knicki Foss at 978-531-0666 for more information.

Heritage Cleaning Company provides opportunities for people to further their skills in real environments. The company is solely responsible for cleaning the Heritage Training Center.  Employees of the cleaning company have also been supported for competitive placement.

Shine Jewelry, TogetherLeather and Broomsquire are entrepreneurial businesses with product lines created by individuals and sold via community stores, craft fairs and farmers’ markets.  Individuals may also participate in the selling of items.

Contact Kathy Marques at 978-624-3058 for more information about our array of Employment Supports.

OFFICE LOCATION: 64 Holten Street, Danvers, MA 01923

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