Vocational Assessments

The Northeast Arc vocational assessment was developed to assess a person’s aptitude for competitive employment. The assessor will provide support to the participant throughout the assessment, allowing for some structured independence when (or if) it is appropriate to do so. The person will participate in an interactive survey, career planning questionnaire, and online interest inventory. Subsequently, they will participate in anywhere from 4-7 work trials depending on time constraints. Upon completion of the assessment, the assessor will fill out the vocational assessment tool, score it, and provide comments/recommendations based on the findings. Contact Lisa Leo at 978-624-3060 for more information.

For general Transition Services inquiries, contact Stacey Villani at 978-624-2340. For inquiries about Adult Autism Services (including “Autism-only Eligibility”), contact Phyllis Kizner at 978-624-3747.