Preparation Readiness Employment Program (P.R.E.P.)

The Preparation Readiness Employment Program (P.R.E.P.) is a community-based program funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC). The goal of P.R.E.P. is to provide students the skills, training and experience necessary to gain competitive employment. One day a week, students participate in employment readiness trainings, group activities, travel training, résumé development and other career planning activities.

P.R.E.P. runs from October until June and includes an 8-week paid internship in the spring. The internship includes job coaching supports and weekly employment support group meetings. The program runs once a week during school hours.

Throughout the program, Northeast Arc will work collaboratively with the MRC Counselors and school staff and will complete monthly progress notes on each of the participating students. Students will have access to space at the Salem MRC office for trainings and computer usage. At completion of the program, all students will be enrolled at the local Career Center and will have Career Portfolios that include copies of their résumés, copy of Interest Inventory & Vocational Assessment, I-9 information, letters of reference and a copy of their P.R.E.P. Certificate of Completion.

To be eligible to participate in P.R.E.P., students must be:
• Eligible for services through MRC
• Enrolled in high school throughout the duration of the program
• Able to get themselves to and from the program on their scheduled days
• Planning to pursue employment after completion of high school
• Able to participate in classroom training and instruction
• Able to work independently in an internship after initial job coaching support
• Able to independently manage personal care and ambulation, and have the ability to self-manage behavioral needs
• Able to self-administer medication if it is required during program time

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about P.R.E.P., contact Matt Lacorazza.

For general Transition Services inquiries, contact Stacey Villani at 978-624-2340. For inquiries about Adult Autism Services (including “Autism-only Eligibility”), contact Phyllis Kizner at 978-624-3747.