Shared Living

We are a leading provider of Shared Living for over 30 years with a proven ability to match providers with long-term, successful placements.

Shared Living is a residential program that matches an individual with disabilities with a Shared Living Provider (or family) who is willing to share their home with the individual, welcoming them as a contributing member of the family. Shared Living providers are expected to maintain a loving and supportive home, helping the individual thrive as an equal member of the household, as a healthy, social adult, and as an active member of the community. Individuals with disabilities — some of whom have previously lived in institutions or group home settings — greatly benefit from this community-living experience and the opportunity to become a true member of the family and a respected member of the household.

Northeast Arc’s Shared Living team works to create a perfect match between an individual and a provider family, with the goal of ensuring that the needs of the individual are always met and that he or she is a valued member of the home. A true match is one in which the individual has the opportunity to learn life skills, and to experience personal, social and emotional growth as a member of the family. Northeast Arc provides case management, ongoing support, problem-solving, respite and nursing support to make sure that the needs of both the individual and the family are being met and that a strong, positive connection is established and maintained.

Virtually anyone can be a Shared Living provider, regardless of marital or parental status. Our goal is to make sure the fit between the individual and the caregiver is the right one based on lifestyle, activity level and a mutual respect and understanding.

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