Life Skills Training

Moving into your first apartment is a big step—one that brings both a sense of excitement and possibly some anxiety for the parents and the adult who is moving out as the move approaches. The Northeast Arc can help ease those feelings by making sure everyone is prepared to handle the situations that arise when you live on your own. Even if you are not living completely independently, it’s always helpful to increase your skills to become more competent and independent.

The Life Skills Assessment Program contains information and tools to equip younger and older adults with disabilities to move into their own apartments or to be more independent within their family’s homes. As a recognized leader in providing residential services and supports, Northeast Arc is making our evaluation and educational programs accessible to the community. Each assessment tool has been carefully tested, utilized in real-life settings and revised when necessary to ensure a comprehensive and realistic evaluation in each subject area. Evaluators are experienced professionals in the field and have taught life skills to adults with various diagnoses, skill levels and physical disabilities.

• Life Skills Assessment Models include Home Safety, Health and Wellness, Internet Safety,
and Community Safety

• These assessments are conducted in your own home or apartment, not in simulated
kitchens or classrooms

• Reports are comprehensive and include valuable resource information

• Costs for assessments vary depending upon the model; school contracts and private pay
options are accepted.

We help you take the next steps from the classroom to your neighborhood, from the theoretical to the practical application of life skills.

Contact Northeast Arc’s Residential Administrator or call Chloe Browning at 978-624-2464 for more information.

OFFICE LOCATION: 64 Holten Street, Danvers, MA 01923