For over forty years the Northeast Arc has been a leader in providing innovative and flexible residential supports and services. By responding to the myriad challenges facing people with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities, we have developed specialized services. These include: support for people who are deaf and hard of hearing; those with complex medical needs (threatening allergies, compromised respiratory systems, and Alzheimer’s disease); and those with intellectual disabilities on the autism spectrum. Supports range from 24-hour hands-on supervision to independent living or something in-between.

Parents and family members have entrusted us with their loved ones’ promising futures. We fulfill this promise by: building on our foundation of health and well being; fostering relationships and community ties and developing life skills.

The fundamental values we are committed to upholding are:

  • To respect, support and embrace each person’s unique qualities.
  • To provide a well-trained and committed workforce.
  • To be a springboard for daily aspirations and a basis for fulfilling lifelong dreams.
  • To live the standards that the company was founded upon: advocacy for the individual and their family; honest and open communication and relying on the character, ability, strength and integrity of our team members.
  • To achieve the highest ethical standards and holding ourselves accountable to do what we say we will do, we have made trust a foundation of our company and the platform for our success.  We renew and re-earn that trust daily, one individual moment at a time.

Contact Chloe Browning at 978-624-2464.

OFFICE LOCATION: 64 Holten Street, Danvers, MA 01923