Personal Care Management (PCM)

The Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Program is a MassHealth program that assists people with long-term disabilities live at home independently. The Northeast Arc Personal Care Management (PCM) program serves about 3,600 individuals living in communities throughout northeastern Massachusetts, Greater Boston, and the Metro West area.

Our Skills Trainers, with the help of a nurse and occupational therapist, assesses the personal care needs of the individual, and prepares a PCA application to submit to the consumer’s insurer. The consumer’s insurance (MassHealth/Medicaid, SCO or One Care Program) grants final approval of the recommended Care Plan. Once approval is received, the Skills Trainer teaches the individual how to successfully hire, train, supervise, and pay his or her own personal care attendants.

The PCA Program is a consumer-directed program meaning Personal Care Attendants are hired, trained and supervised by the person with the disability (consumer). PCAs do not work for Northeast Arc or any other agency – they work for the consumer. As the employer, a consumer chooses who to hire, sets up a PCA schedule and trains PCAs to meet his or her own personal needs.

If the consumer cannot independently manage his or her PCA program, the consumer may have the help of a surrogate. The surrogate is often a family member but may be any other person identified by the consumer who has the ability to manage the program.
Depending on individual need, assistance may be approved to help complete the following tasks:

• mobility/transfers
• passive range of motion
• taking medications
• bathing or grooming
• dressing or undressing
• eating
• toileting
• And in some cases: light housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and transportation to medical appointments.

PCA time is NOT approved for:

• babysitting
• recreation
• advocacy
• cueing, prompting, guiding or coaching
• supervision
• safety

The Personal Care Attendant program is available to people with disabilities who meet the following conditions:
• MassHealth/Medicaid eligible
• Have a permanent or chronic disability that impairs their ability to perform activities of daily living without physical assistance
• Needs hands-on/physical assistance with two or more activities of daily living
• Have a prescription/authorization for personal care services from a Physician or Nurse Practitioner

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To refer someone for the PCA program, call us at 978-762-0301 or use the button above to submit a referral online.

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Northeast Arc’s main phone number is 978-762-4878. For the PCM program, call 978-762-0301. The office is located at 1 Southside Road, Danvers, MA 01923.