Autism ABA Services

Our Autism ABA Services for children, teens and adults on the spectrum are provided by skilled autism professionals with experience with children and adults. We utilize behavioral principles (ABA) to deliver services within the natural environment of the individual — home, work and community settings. All strategies and goals are individualized and are designed to support flexibility, generalization and maintenance of skills.

Our services include assessments, treatment planning, supervision and consultations provided by BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts). The strategies and goals set for each person served focus on a variety of domains, including: basic learning skills (attention, cooperation, task completion); transitions; communication; self-help; social skills; appropriate behaviors; safety awareness; and skills to increase independence.

Other Services

— Training for staff and families
— Training and consultation to


Any individual over the age of three with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder or a related developmental disability.


— Most major health insurance
— Medicaid Autism Waiver
— Medicaid
— School and private contracts

Service Area

— North Shore
— Metro North
— Central Middlesex
— Greater Boston
— Merrimack Valley
— Eastern Lowell area

Contact Director of Autism ABA Services Kristy Murphy at 978-624-2320.
OFFICE LOCATION: 6 Southside Road, Danvers, MA 01923