Changing lives by empowering entrepreneurship.

Northeast Arc is pleased to announce Opportunity Investing through the Changing Lives Fund.
Opportunity Investing was created because we believe:
   • Employment provides people with increased self-assurance, identity and rewards through income and acknowledgement.
   • Hobbies provide people with creative outlets and activities that are meaningful to the person.
   • Entrepreneurial efforts combine a person’s hobbies while creating income and often will expand a person’s community to include retail
     partners and customers.

Opportunity Investing will grant applicants up to $1000 for items needed to assist in turning their passion and hobbies into small entrepreneurial businesses. Average grant amount will be in the $500 range.

The goal of Opportunity Investing is to provide the necessary start-up funds for tools/materials that will support the next steps for a person to create their own small entrepreneurial business that will help fund future expansions, increase community inclusion and create a greater sense of identity. The goals do not necessarily include being able to support oneself solely from the income generated.

Who may apply?
• Any person(s) with a developmental or intellectual disability or Autism.
• Any person(s) who can identify a support network/mentors that will provide necessary assistance.
• Any person(s) who has a specific product and identified marketplace(s), including online, seasonal markets, etc.
• Any person(s) who is able to receive funds themselves or has a fiscal sponsor/representative payee.

What the funds may be used for:
• Tools for creating product
• Raw materials
• Marketing materials
• Fees for seasonal markets and/or web hosting

What the funds may not be used for:
• Support staff/mentors’ salaries or stipends
• Organizational overhead
• Transportation of product

For more information please contact Tim Brown.

The Changing Lives Fund was established by a generous donation from Boston businessman and Marblehead resident, Steven P. Rosenthal, to help create positive disruption to services and service delivery to people with disabilities.