An Important Message to Massachusetts Families with Children Under 9 Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Open Interest Period Runs from October 17th to October 31st

The Autism Division of the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) runs an Autism Waiver Program that provides one-to-one interventions to help children with autism who exhibit severe behavior, social and communication problems through intensive in-home services and supports. This service occurs in the child’s home or other natural settings under the supervision of trained clinical staff and is available for a total of three years. The waiver also provides related support services such as community integration activities and respite. At the conclusion of three years of intensive services, a child may access supplemental services that meet the child’s needs and help with the transition out of the intensive Autism Waiver Program until the child’s 9th birthday.

Eligibility – the following requirements are necessary for participation in this program:
1. The child must have a confirmed diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
2. The child has not yet reached his or her 9th birthday. Children birth through age 8 may participate.
3. The child is a resident of Massachusetts.
4. The child meets the clinical eligibility standard.
5. The family chooses to have the child receive services in the home and community.
6. The child must be able to be safely served in the community.
7. The child must have a legally responsible representative able to direct the services of the Waiver.
8. The child must be eligible or be able to obtain eligibility for MassHealth Standard coverage.

The Open Request Period to be placed on a list expressing interest in this program runs from October 17th to October 31st.

More information is available on the DDS website here.

You can also contact our Autism Support Center at 978-777-9135 or via email if you have questions or need help with the application.