Saturday, August 25th • 7 pm • Peabody’s Black Box at the ArcWorks Community Art Center • 22 Foster Street, Peabody

Top-Down is a band formed in Peabody, MA in late 2016 by Eddie Surman, Brian O’Connor, Stephen Damon-Tilley, and Dalton DeLima. The band was created to bring back a party feel to Rock n’ Roll and revive the days of shredding riffs and long hair. Top-Down’s sound comes from a variety of influences such as Van Halen, KISS, Def Leppard, Foo Fighters, Mr. Big and Alter Bridge. Top-Down has played at a variety of Metro Boston venues including Hennessy’s Hooley House, Opus Underground, the Peabody International Festival, and more.

The Band has released a successful EP “Heat Of The Night”. Top-Down recently got radio airplay on 98.5 The Sports Hub during one of their radio segments. Bringing the Rock n’ Roll to a club near you, Top-Down is a show you won’t want to miss!

Band Members
Eddie Surman: Guitar
Dalton DeLima: Drums
Brian O’Connor: Bass
Stephen Damon Tilley: Vocals

Also featuring Cosmic Vultures