Jenny Anderson, the founder and CEO of Celebrate EDU, spoke with the Exceptional Women podcast about her work to disrupt the status quo and create opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Celebrate EDU is a nonprofit organization that encourages and empowers young adults with developmental disabilities by providing innovative entrepreneurial education that builds on interests and strengths so that they can create happier and more productive lives. During the 2019 Arc Tank competition, Celebrate EDU was awarded $75,000 to help the nonprofit expand its reach. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeast Arc has been working with Celebrate EDU to provide virtual educational opportunities for individuals in the agency’s day service programs. These online courses focus on self-advocacy, confidence, problem solving, creativity, and money management skills.

During the Exceptional Women interview, Jenny spoke about how having a sibling on the autism spectrum, her brother Brent, fostered her passion for working with individuals who have disabilities. You can listen to the full interview with Jenny on the Exceptional Women website.

Read Celebrate EDU’s Arc Tank proposal, “Creating Opportunities Through Entrepreneurial Ecosystems”

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